Photographer: Berkley Film and Photography
Model: Bae Marie

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Bae Marie "She's a Survivor"

Question: How long have you been modeling?

Answer : I have been a model for over 2 years now.


Question: What drives you to model?

Answer: I use modeling as a way to advocate for CRPS and those who have it. My age and body type is also what drives me to model. I want to inspire others to love their aging bodies.


Question: What’s your favorite genre of modeling and why?

Answer: My favorite genre is boudoir. CRPS leaves my skin very discolored. I love being able to show off my disability and hope to inspire others to do the same. Love & accept YOU. No one else has to.


Question: What are three hobbies you have besides modeling?

Answer: I am also a pastry chef! So I LOVE baking for my family. I own a nonprofit called Body On Fire to advocate for CRPS. I am a hobby photographer and also rescue and foster animals when I can!


Question: If you had 2 tips to share with aspiring models what would they be?

Answer: You are the highlight of the photo. It’s worth it to spend extra hours on self care to include; face masks, hair treatments, exfoliate, keep your nails clean, and hot baths! Quality makeup is everything. Research flashback!

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes that leave marks on your skin 24 hours before your shoot. No one likes sock indents lol Spray tan!

Make sure to get with the photographer and have a concept. It’s important that you are both on the same page! Most importantly, BE ON TIME!