Photographer: Berkley Film and Photography
Model: Bae Marie

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Berkley Film & Photography

Question: What is your favorite genre to shoot & why?

Answer: Boudoir is definitely my favorite genre to shoot. It gives the model a chance to step out of their everyday norm and do some sensual and invigorating.


Question: If you had to go to a location shoot and could only bring 3 pieces of equipment (other than your camera) what would that be & why?

Answer: I’d have to go with a light, deflector, and a prop to match the location. Lighting makes or breaks a good photo in my opinion, and a good prop just takes the photo to another level.

Question: What would you tell a new photographer who wants to go professional things to avoid and what should they focus on?

Answer: I’m still a new photographer myself, but if i were to offer any advice i would say to avoid comparing your work to the work of more experienced photographers. Instead, use their work as inspiration and motivation to keep improving and to focus on getting the shots that give you a sense of accomplishment.


Question: What would you tell a model are the three most important things to remember when going to a shoot?

Answer: Three things I’d ask a model to remember when going to a shoot would be to prepare for the shoot/concept in advance. To be your most confident and relaxed self, and to remember that the shoot is your chance to express yourself not only as the person you are every day, but also as the person you want to become or the character you wish to portray.


Question: What excites you the most about this industry?

Answer: The thing that excites me about this industry is that we live in a day and age in which we’re all able to express ourselves as freely as we do. Also that there’s plenty of media platforms to share our work, and to enjoy the work that other photographers/models create.